May 22, 2015


EZ CAR Inc. Focuses on offering only the finest pre-owned vehicles available throughout the world,  prices which will save you thousands of dollars when compared to your local franchise car dealer.  How can our cars be so much less than theirs?  Well to be honest, we do not have the overhead like franchise retail dealers. Therefore we do not need to make thousands of dollars on each car sold. Quite frankly, we do not sell hundreds of cars each month and have no intention too.  As you can imagine, it is very difficult to locate several hundred premium cars, trucks & SUVs that are all excellent quality each month.  It is just not possible every time and since we don’t require near as many, it allows us to be much more selective when acquiring our vehicles. We are a family dealership, we care about our customers. We work with you every kinda way. All we want is make you happy.

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